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Arggo SAF-T for Dynamics

Arggo SAF-T for Dynamics

The SAF-T reporting solution that helps companies meet the requirements of the Romanian tax authorities.

The Standard Tax Audit File (SAF-T) is an international standard for the electronic exchange of accounting data between taxpayers and tax authorities. In Romania, the implementation of SAF-T will be carried out starting with January 2022, and for the big taxpayers it is mandatory to submit SAF-T through the informative declaration D406. These will be followed by medium taxpayers in 2023 and small taxpayers in 2025.

Arggo has in its portfolio both the Arggo SAF-T for Dynamics solution and a stand-alone solution for customers who have not implemented an ERP system from the Microsoft suite - Timeqode SAF-T by Arggo.

Complete SAF-T solutions through the Informative Declaration D406:

  • data mapping - with information available in ERP
  • export to single or multiple XML files
  • integrated nomenclature update
  • support in file validation with DUKIntegrator
SAF-T for Dynamics - SAF-T Mapping Source
SAF-T for Dynamics - SAF-T Mapping Setup
SAF-T for Dynamics - SAF-T Export
SAF-T for Dynamics - SAF-T Setup

All necessary information is extracted automatically. For the parameterization and administration of the declaration, the users will have at their disposal a detailed procedure that they can follow. Given that the number of transactions cannot be limited in a period, the export mode ensures the realization of the file for any company, regardless of its size.

Through this solution, all the steps are completed in the client system, following that the XML files obtained will be validated with DUKIntegrator and sent to ANAF.

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