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What is Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ERP system developed by Microsoft, now available in Romania as Software as a Service. Gather your sales, acquisitions, financial and operations teams in a single cloud business management solution!

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Dynamics 365 Business Central


The solution is available in the Saas (Software as a Service) model with the infrastructure fully managed by Microsoft and continues to operate at the maximum performance and availability parameters.


Business Central is accessible on any type of device and from any web browser, offers real-time access to information wherever you are and allows customization and access level depending on the type of user.

AI Integration

The solution contains integrated Artificial Intelligence that aims to save time and resources by detecting any structural changes in daily activity.

Power BI Integration

All data in the Power BI application can be viewed directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central, centralizing all information in one place.

Role Personalization

The solution offers the possibility for each role (eg CEO, CFO, Accountant, etc.) to customize their home screen (KPI, navigation menus, keyboard shortcuts).

Outlook integration

Users have the ability to perform Dynamics 365 Business Central tasks directly from Outlook. For example, create an offer and prepare or send an invoice.


Dynamics 365 Business Central can meet the needs of any company, regardless of its size or industry, by optimizing business processes.

Utility companies face the challenge of managing huge amounts of data on a daily basis. Multi-application integration, control and cash flow management are key aspects in this industry

Manufacturing companies need to be flexible enough to remain competitive while meeting the ever-changing customer requirements. To transform into what is intended to be a "smart factory", existing processes require automation.

The agricultural industry faces many challenges, including cost control, scalability, competition, and uncontrollable factors such as weather conditions, coupled with seasonal inventory requirements and a lack of predictability of planning.

The continuous evolution of technology generates many changes in all fields, and the medical and pharmaceutical industry is no exception. Each healthcare organization has different needs which can be met only with the help of customized solutions.

In the competitive field of construction, a modern company must be agile enough to meet current requirements, by monitoring as accurately as possible the activity in construction sites (orders, consumption and budgets), the management of daily tasks or the timekeeping of workers.

Distributors must ensure that all their operations are optimized with market demand. Working in separate systems to establish projections or sales forecasts is a difficult process to have a unique, complete and up-to-date picture of this application.

Service companies are constantly facing the daily challenges of staying competitive and improving customer satisfaction. At the same time they have to operate within parameters of their budgets, in a very flexible environment, where customers have higher and higher expectations.

The biggest challenge for the hospitality industry is adapting to the era of digital marketing that focuses more than ever on the needs and personalized requirements of its customers, without failing to pay due attention to cost and operational efficiency.

The main objective of the F&B sector is to adapt to new trends by reducing waste, streamlining the supply chain and moving towards eco-friendly business practices. At the same time, it must create and maintain a competitive advantage.

The real estate sector is one of the most dominant sectors in the economy of each country. Companies operating in real estate must face the risks of the current market such as increasing customer requirements, changing regulations and new economic realities, with innovative approaches and strategies.

Today`s customers are rapidly changing their habits and expectations. They are better informed, more interactive and more selective than ever. The Retail sector must constantly adapt and find the most original ways to keep up with new trends and innovations.

Learn how Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you with the industry in which you operate.

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Arggo SAF-T for Dynamics

SAF-T reporting solution that helps companies meet the requirements of the Romanian tax authorities.
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Business Central Essentials User 59 €
Localization: 1-5 users - 150 €
5-10 users - 230€
10+ users - Contact Us

Starter 4550 €
Starter Plus​ 6750 €

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What do our clients say about us?

"We found in Arggo the perfect partner to create the best operating system for our business. Centralized operations and fluid processes serving locations, countries and partners are crucial to our future. Our decision to develop this solution with Arggo has a lot to do with their ability to truly understand our business and to translate it into a product that automates, measures and controls our business process"

"The collaboration with Arggo started a few years ago with the implementation of the Dynamics 365 Business Central solution and continues today with other solutions / applications for our internal process automation. Professionalism, particular recommendations for our business and the support they provide us whenever necessary, make the Arggo team a reliable partner for our company."

"Microsoft's ERP - Dynamics 365 Business Central - is a challenge for any company that implements it. At first, it seems very complex and "incomprehensible", but as you go discover and test the functionalities you realize that you have chosen a long-term resource. Implementation is also a challenge, but the key lies in effective collaboration between the implementation/consulting team and the client or project manager, from the analysis phase until Post Go Live support. Starting with 2020, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Arggo and we have brought back, with their help, a failed project that we previously started with another partner. We are confident that together with Arggo we will develop a mutually beneficial partnership."

"Dynamics 365 Business Central is the software solution that allows us to centralize crucial data for our business. Microsoft's solutions and partnership with Arggo allow us to be productive and ensure efficient communication between Eurocom’s team members. Our partnership with Arggo allowed us to build a solid foundation for the future, Dynamics 365 Business Central being a solution that ensures a very clear image of our business."


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